The Stockholm Act takes place 21-27 August 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. The non-profit organisation Stockholm Coordination Initiative was founded to coordinate actors within the fields of science, politics, civil society, business and culture. All partners to The Stockholm Act are also co-creators that will be part of shaping the festival and together raise awareness for sustainable development towards 2030.

The Stockholm Act offers a number of paths to engagement, including learning and co-design, stage time, collaborations, performance, and exhibition space in the centre of Stockholm. Contact us if you want more information on how to join!

Let's change the air

Real transformation comes through a mix of bold steps and deep-rooted connection to things that matter most. The Stockholm Act makes space for new stories to take root, with time to talk, perform, appreciate, and imagine how we live next.

Co-creators to date

Jesper Kurlandsky

Jonas Fläckerud

Julia Björne

Anna Emmelin

Mark Charmer

Carl-Johan Schultz

Agneta Jacobson

Oscar Carlsson

Johan Hjerpe

Diego Galafassi

Louise Hård af Segerstad

Per Olsson

Johan Rockström

Olof Olsson

Miriam Huitric

Fredrik Moberg

Johan Wirfält

Oskar Ekström

Sophia Ersson

Ana Gerlin Hernandez

Anna Webrell

Fredrik Wenzel

Marilyn Mehlmann

Alexander Mehlmann

Malin Hüber

Emma Creed

Gerda Larsson

Mark Edwards

Erik Gandini

Unn Warlenius

Eleonora Jöngren

Steven Hartman

Annika Hedås Falk

Jakob Dahlbäck

Elin Frendberg

Fritta Frittzon

Patrik Andersson

Liselotte Norén

Advisory Board

Fiona Harvey

Journalist for the Guardian

Johan Hassel

CEO at the think tank Global Utmaning

Photo by: Lisa Hydén

Kajsa B Olofsgård

Swedish ambassador for Agenda 2030

Thomas Öberg

Musical personality and singer in Bob Hund

Photo by: Vincent Skoglund

Ana Gerlin Hernandez

Project coordinator of Fotografiska for Life

Johan Rockström

Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and a professor of environmental science at Stockholm University

Photo by: M. Axelsson/Azote

Johan Wirfält

Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

Photo by: Petra Hellberg

Hillevi Ekberg

Head of Communications, Sida

Eva Livijn-Olin

Art collector, art advisor and a patron for the Swedish art scene

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Contributing partners