The unexpcted role of gifts

August 7, 2017

“Gifts are not charity” as artist Samson Kambalu says, when they allow for mutuality and possibilities for the gift to be returned. #MyPromise2030

We’ve asked you by the end of the week to give something. A statement of what important contribution you can and want to give to address the global challenges, and make the Agenda 2030 as successful as possible. This is how! #MyPromise2030

It can be a gift to yourself, just a small step perhaps, time to explore new questions that someone gifted to you during the week. That is for you to formulate. #MyPromise2030

One of the beautiful things about humans is how we can change. By connecting in new ways to ourselves, each other and our environment, we create new dynamics and structures around us.

The global challenges can’t be handled by current structures.
If something is overwhelming and seemingly impossible, it normally means we need to reconnect things – to change the way we change.

Gifts play an interesting role in change – they can surprise us, and open possibilities to create new relations. Gifts can be unexpected ways to express what new flows and ideas you want to see grow.

By noon on Sunday 27 August, as the festival’s momentum builds towards a conclusion, we ask you to express what important contribution you can and want to give. We want you to be able to go back to your everyday life with a clearer sense of what you care for, and where you’re rooted. And to feel you have formulated what you can give, right here, right now.

These gifts will be placed in the archive of the Nordiska museum – a treasure that can grow. We are excited to work with Nordiska to make this treasure visible, that your gifts in this moment contribute to our collective understanding, and provide clues and paths that help us navigate the years to come, that we’ll shape together.

How to do it:
1. Leave your gift in written form in one of three spots at the festival; Ståthållarången, Nordiska Museet, Kulturhuset.
2. Put it directly in digital form in the online archive of the Nordiska museum during the festival week.
3. Express it through social media using the hashtag #MyPromise2030.

Partner organisations follow a similar process, but it needs to be in an individual name. We will contact you directly with more information. 5PM on Saturday 26 August is the final moment when we can accept partner gifts for the festival closing.

Join the Act today, and we can get started.

Contributing partners