Carl Folke

Carl Folke is science director and co-founder of the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC). He has extensive experience in transdisciplinary collaboration between natural and social scientists and is among the most cited scientists in the world on resilience thinking. He is also Director of the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Mr Folke will be one of the speakers at “Space to Stage”-session.


Since the mid-1980s he has broken new grounds in understanding the dynamic interplay of humans and nature, of economy and ecology, and developed research on social-ecological systems and resilience thinking from management and stewardship of ecosystem services in the seas and on the land to global sustainability. He has more than 30 years of experience in collaborating across disciplines, has produced some three-hundred publications and is recognized as a highly cited researcher. He has created inter- and transdisciplinary collaborative platforms and contributed to the development of new areas of research, concepts and approaches that have spread across science, education, policy and practice diciplines, and more recently into the business community. Carl’s work has illustrated how progress, prosperity and wellbeing will benefit from reconnecting development to the biosphere.

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