José González

Event type: Concert

Venue: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

When: August 27

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The molecular biologist who became an pop-icon returns to Stockholm for a solo appearance after a long tour with The String Theory Orchestra across Europe.

José González is all our dimensions in one body. The scientist who became a pop artist who’s still on the rise in the pop industry to change decision makers around the world.

When he reflects over his latest album he describes it like this: “as an eye that catches all of the humanity in the world, resident in a small blue dot in a cold unfriendly space.”  And in the song “Every Age” he sings: “every age has its turn / every branch of a tree has to learn / learn to grow, find it’s way / make the best of this short lived stay / take this seed, take this spade / take this dream of a better day / take your time, build a home / build a place where we all can belong”.

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