Live from Space to Stage, music by Fire! Orchestra

Event type: Spacetalk and concert

When: August 24, 3,30 pm

Venue: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

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In collaboration with the Swedish National Space board and ESA. We will host a talk live from space to stage with the Italian astronaut Paolo A. Nespoli who is one of the members of Expeditions 52 and 53 to the International Space Station.  He will be launched on a Soyuz vehicle in July 2017 on a five-month mission. The latest mission is part of a barter agreement between NASA and Italy’s ASI space agency involving ESA astronauts.

Live on earth Carl Folke from Stockholm Resilience Centre, one of the worlds most cited researchers, will interview Nespoli together with more earthlings live on stage. A talk accompanied with Fire! Orchestra with a brand new ensemble(?!). This is one of a kind project that has never been done in Sweden in history. You don’t want to miss this limited connection to space.


Fire! Orchestra
For the first time on stage we present the 4th transformation of this supergroup, consisting of only the finest in forward thinking nordic musicians.  A slow-moving, unstoppable beast with an extraordinary dynamism, creativity and sheer sledgehammer impact. 

Fire! Orchestra are:

Mariam Wallentin
Sofia Jernberg
Anna Lindal
Leo Svensson
Josefin Runsteen
Katt Hernandez 
Per Texas Johansson
Christer Bothén
Isak Hedtjärn
Alexander Zethson
Susana Santos Silva
Mats Gustafsson
Johan Berthling
Andreas Werliin

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