Joining Western society, which prospers from desire that is aroused and sustained through the advertising industry which is being questioned because of its impact on the environment and the promotion of the consumer society, I very soon realized that uncontrollable shopping goes against my nature and has its price – toxic production wastes destroys ecosystems and people’s health; greedy profit result in slave labour at factories in third world countries.
This inspired me to identify the material within the fashion industry that could speak of sustainability and change our attitudes towards clothes. I started to recycle toiles, which are the test versions of garments. Fashion designers produce them daily and throw them away. Through my art, a toile became a symbol for a range of questions: Can’t we reuse materials that we already have? Is it so necessary for our status, position and well-being to neglect the world around us? How can one’s cultural experience of recycling contribute to another culture’s habitual manner to consume and what would it mean for our identities?

L.Christeseva, born 1978 in Belarus, participates in various art projects both in Sweden, where she resides currently, and worldwide. Her artistic research focuses on gender identity and questions relating to representation across cultures. After graduating from Vitebsk State Technological University in 2001, the faculty of Fashion and Textile design, L.Christeseva moved to Sweden, where she joined the creative team of the Swedish designer Lars Wallin. She also holds degrees from Stockholm University and The University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack). L.Christeseva works in various media such as painting, illustration, photography, video art, public art, artist authored books and art installations. L.Christeseva rose to fame as an artist who works in the borderland between art and fashion.

Recent institutional exhibitions include “War´s unwomanly face” at the Museum of Army in Stockholm (2016) and in the US Ambassador’s residence in the Diplomatic area of the Swedish capital (2016); “Sustainidentity” at the National Historical Museum of Belarus (2016); “The toiles” at the Stockholm Costume & Fashion institute and within a group exhibition at the Swedish castle – Rånäs Slott. The series of sculptures by L.Christeseva became a unique scenography for Margaret Jenkins Dance Company’s performance in Stockholm last year. L.Christeseva’s works are presented this year in the Belarusian pavilion at Expo 2017 in Astana. More information at

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