Time to end hunger

Event type: Keynote

When: August 25

Venue: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

Time to end hunger – once and for all
John Coonrod, Executive Vice President of The Hunger Project, is an expert on bottom-up, gender-focused development and decentralized local governance who has lectured at the United Nations, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), New York University (NYU), Princeton University and the United States Air Force Academy. John serves as co-chair of InterAction’s Food Security and Agriculture working group, as advisor and board member to a number of emerging international NGOs.

World leaders, through the United Nations, have adopted the most ambitious agenda in human history – the Sustainable Development Goals. Among the 17 goals, which are focused on people, planet and prosperity, is a call for zero hunger by 2030. Never before has humanity had such an opportunity. The world is now echoing the call that The Hunger Project declared in 1977 – it is time to end hunger, once and for all!

Participatory, decentralized local government is central to ending hunger and poverty. The Hunger Project will host this event to talk about the vital importance of women’s leadership for community-led development, and what is required to make it work. Grassroots women worldwide are campaigning to have their voices heard in decision-making, especially decisions made at the community level. However, the same patriarchal forces that deny women their rights also tend to concentrate power in central government.

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