Transformation Talk: Electrolux 23/8

Sharing knowledge about how to integrate the global challenges and UN’s 2030 Agenda into the core mission of an organization or a company is a great thing to do. Everyone who has tried knows how valuable it is to get the chance to hear about others’ experience. The interest in what competence and knowledge you need in your organization to be successful is increasing, as more and more organizations and companies strive to help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, making them part of what they are doing and how they define success. To contribute to deepening and accelerating sustainable development, The Stockholm Act has invited a handful of organizations that have worked with these issues and have valuable insights to share.

Electrolux formulated in early 2016 their ambition “to make a change For the Better” in their updated sustainability framework that comprises nine promises encompassing products, operations and society. Also, within this framework, the company defined its promise “Be a force for good,” which outlines its social responsibility efforts with a focus on food.

Collaborating with Worldchefs and AIESEC in its Feed the Planet partnership, backed by the Electrolux Food Foundation, Electrolux sets out to explore how to create awareness on sustainable food consumption and how to support people in need in the communities where it operates. One of the projects, Food Mission, is based in Stockholm and collaborates with the local nonprofit organization Stockholms Stadsmission.

Together with Worldchefs, Stadsmissionen and AIESEC, Electrolux will tell the story of this initiative, which aims to handle important sustainability issues such as food waste and support people getting into the job market.

With a wealth of experience in cooperation between business and art, Lina Nordfors Kaval, CEO at The Swedish Art & Business organization, will be moderating the talk.

We welcome everyone who is interested to come and get a behind-the-scenes look at how sustainability work aiming at the 2030 Agenda is done. Global dynamics have never before been shaped with the speed, scale and connectivity we have today, nor indeed has the pressure on nature from human activity ever been so intense. The Stockholm Act directs special attention to sharing knowledge and experience about transformative processes that can help society, business and individuals act in relation to the UN’s Goals for Sustainable Development.

Join the Act today, and we can get started.

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