Transformation Talks (Linda Nordfors)

Transformation Talks – Dialogues On Leading Real Change

A series of Transformation Talks will be held during The Stockholm Act, centered on the Kulturhuset between 22-25 August 2017. This week-long festival aims to support transformation related to sustainable development, both at an individual and societal level. Guests will be invited from science, art, politics, business and civil society.

Global dynamics have never before been shaped with the high levels of speed, scale and connectivity we have today, nor indeed has the pressure on nature from human activity ever been so intense. The Stockholm Act directs special attention to sharing knowledge and experience about transformative processes that can help society, business and individuals act in relation to the UN global goals for sustainable development. When different perspectives meet, it is possible for new structures, mindsets and practices to emerge.

Real transformation comes through a mix of bold steps and deep-rooted connections to things that matter most. Transformation is how we change the way we change. Either your inner qualities or your context have changed so much that they no longer fit together. When do you merely cope, when do you adapt, when do you transform?

The Transformation Talks are hosted by the Swedish Art & Business organisation.
Their mission is to develop and facilitate collaborations between The Art World, Business and Society.

The talks are moderated by their new CEO Linda Nordfors, an artist and entrepreneur with great passion for sustainability and societal change.

Join the Act today, and we can get started.

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