VR Sci Fest @ Stockholm Act

Event type: VR film

When: August 23

Venue: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

VR Sci Fest, which was held in Stockholm on May 12–14, hosted by KTH Royal Institute of Technology was a unique combination of new technology, scientific approach and creativity shows us how important it is to combine the efforts between film, IT and science professionals to bring attention to the most important and underrepresented problems of mankind.

During STOCKHOLM ACT in partnership with the Future Earth Media Lab we will present official selection of VR Sci Fest 2017 where visitors will be able to experience the world’s best 360 films and VR experiences about science, IT, technology, environment, space and the human body.

“While searching for the content which best fits the festival program, our team had figured out that the most popular subjects of VR/360 and scientific community are Space, Underwater, Technological Facilities and visualization of the processes happening inside the human body. That fits perfectly with the purpose of VR — to bring us somewhere we could not get to easily or at all.” – Georgy Molodtsov, Programming Director.

“Our goal was to create a unique meeting point for those who are passionate about their profession, no matter if it is science, cinema, VR, education or anything else and to share their passion with each other,” — Elena Malakhatka, Head of the Festival.

“Immersive science has phenomenal potential to connect people to knowledge of the state of our planet,” – Owen Gaffney, co-founder of the Future Earth Media Lab

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