The Stockholm Act brings together people from art, science, politics and business for a week-long festival to explore the steps we need to take to build a sustainable world.

The intention is to deepen and accelerate sustainable development. The design principles ensure the festival has a clear sense of purpose that everyone can relate to and work with. They are an agreement between the founders and are conceived to reflect deep-rooted principles, built through research and understanding of change and sustainability.

The design principles provide a framework for everyone creating the festival together. They provide a guide for individual and group action, and are the basis for contracts with all our partners.

1. Let’s look at the world as a whole

2. Open new pathways

3. Bring together all dimensions of society

4. Dare to handle uncertainty

5. Safe spaces for everyone

6. We are all developing countries

7. Playful, action-based learning

8. Partners as co-creators

9. Attract resources to sustainable development

10. Modularity

Join the Act today, and we can get started.

Contributing partners