Clowns without Borders offers resilience through laughter. We aim to relieve the suffering of all persons, especially children, who live in areas of crisis and conflicts. We believe that people and societies filled with joy, hope and dreams is the foundation for compassionate and peaceful world.
Together, Clowner utan Gränser and Cirkus Cirkör, tours Sweden with the show Cirkushoppet to meet people who have come here seeking refuge from war and persecution. Through circus and laughter, we fill them with new energy and hope for the future. At Stockholm Act you have a unique opportunity to see Cirkushoppet and learn more about our work for human rights through arts and culture. During Stockholm Act you can also get a hold of the popular magazine Gränslöst mod, an anthology of series about the real superheroes of our time – people fleeing from war and disaster. Read Gränslöst mod online


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