Courage in times of crisis (Gloria Benedikt)

Event type: dance, theatre, science performance and debate

When: August 22

Venue: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

An interdisciplinary dance theatre science performance debate that aims to bring insight to the creation of a new prosperity, by Gloria Benedikt in collaboration with IIASA.

Good artists and good scientists are on a lifelong journey driven by curiosity – searching for truth – knowing that they are only part of a long truth-searching journey that will continue infinitely. On that journey, they reach out to the public – for instance, with articles, books and performances. But perhaps we could get to a new place if we reach out together.

That is the motivation behind the unprecedented interdisciplinary dance theatre science performance debate involving artists, scientists and decision makers: Let’s join hands and create a crossroad in our quest to understand the present and draw a path for the future. And shouldn’t politics take place at that crossroad of art and science? Shouldn’t policy take
place at the intersection of science and humanities?

The topic is “COURAGE in times of multiple interconnected crises.” How can we together tackle the pressing problems of our time: terrorism, inequality, climate change, the crisis of trust in democratic values? Is there a way out? How can we today say -”yes we can” – when so many of us are losing their hope?

Cast during The Stockholm Act:
Dancers: Gloria Benedikt and Mimmo Miccolis, Composer and musician: Merlijn Twaalfhoven, moderator and two debaters to be confirmed.

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