Fashruptions by Elin Eng

Event type: Exhibition

When: August 24-27

Venue: Nordiska Museet

In the exhibition at Nordiska Museet, Elin Eng is contributing with three installations, The Exponential Wardrobe, The Waste Jacket and The Fashruptionist. The Installations are visualizations of average textile consumption in Sweden. A Swede purchase 13 kilograms but also throw away 8 kilograms textiles per year. Under the influence of exponential growth, how will these numbers grow over the years and how will it affect the emotional life of the consumer?

Fashruption is a combination of fashion and disruption, a concept that aims to discuss how fashion is used and produced. Fashion – adornment to position the self in the social, that thrives on expiration. And disruption – that possibly can release space for a renegotiation on the ways we create identities and consume fashion.

The Waste Jacket, 8 kilograms is the textile waste of one person per year in Sweden.
The Exponential Wardrobe, the expansion of purchases of one person per year in Sweden, given a continuation of 3% (2016) growth per year.

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