Karin Wanngård

Karin Wanngård, is the Commissioner of Finance and Mayor of Stockholm. She is also the Chair of the City Executive Board. She is a member of the Social Democrats and has been city councillor of Stockholm Municipality since 1994. In early 2017, Wanngård announced her coal usage elimination goal for Stockholm to be complete by 2022.
She also became one of sixteen women who lead large cities that address climate change.

The mayor, who became interested in climate policy after reading statements by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and economist Jeffrey Sachs, among others, began pushing for climate action in Stockholm as a city councilor. Now, “I can do even more”

“This is about our planet, If we do nothing, or continue as we did yesterday, it will be really tricky for our grandchildren to survive. That’s what this is all about.”, Wanngård recently stated in an interview with Climate Central.

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